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Car Renting in Iceland - A Guide For First Time Travelers to Iceland

When we needed a car at a short notice, we had no other option but to go to a car renting agency in Iceland. We were traveling with two other members of our group and two other cars. The Iceland car renting agencies are very convenient for people who are always traveling in Iceland. We found that they had several representatives available to help us. They helped carry our luggage to the Iceland car rental agency, drove it to our hotel, picked up our car and returned it after we were safely settled in our hotel. For this kind of service, we were offered a certain price for the total amount of time the car was being rented.

We were intrigued by the fact that the representative taking care of our luggage, was able to give tips on how to use the bus, the railway system, the highway and other travel options available in Iceland. For us, it was prompt, and she was very nice, she only described where to pickup the car and where to drop it off. In addition, the driver had to have a valid driving license held for at least one year, the minimum age for a visitor to Iceland is actually twenty years for the male driver and eighteen years for the female driver. We were advised to book our Iceland car rentals in advance, because the prices go up in summer months. In addition, you should also bear in mind that Iceland has very strict laws regarding visitors, so be sure that you have all the documentation necessary before renting a car in Iceland.

We were planning on taking a winter road trip with some friends from our home in the United States. We decided that we would like to go to Iceland in order to see the icebergs. So, since we were already planning on taking a winter road trip, we asked if there was any way to get to Iceland in the winter time with out having to rent a car. The answer to our question was an easy, "Norse Projects." This is a company that offers a number of different types of transportation services all through Iceland and northern Europe. Check out this website for top car renting services or visit for affordable rental cars.

Basically, this company rents everything you would need to make your first trip to Iceland. The car is not part of the package, nor is a passport. But it is nice to know that they do carry all the necessary paperwork for you, and we didn't have any problems at all getting our passports approved. The Icelandic authorities did require that we fill out a short application to confirm our identity and that we received directions to the Iceland airport from the Reykjanes office. Once in Iceland, we were able to pick up our luggage at the airport near our hotel.

On our first day, we visited Holfboura, which is one of the most well-known tourist locations in Iceland. The Holfbadar castle sits proudly on its own island right on the Holfboura Bay. This beautiful castle was destroyed during World War II and was painstakingly rebuilt. Today, you can take a cruise along the Holfboura Bay and visit many of the amazing sites along the Holfbadar Peninsula. We also stopped at the Landmannstad Airport, which serves travelers from both Iceland and Scandinavia/ Baltic countries. This was a convenient point to book our Iceland air Airbnb accommodation.

On our second day, we visited our favorite geothermal spas in Iceland. These unique spas pump heated water up through the earth, creating perfect crystal waters for you to swim in. You can also tour the geothermal caves that sit at the base of the active volcanoes in Iceland. After visiting all these sites, we had a total of ten days to spend in Iceland. You can read more on this here:

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